A wide range of experience – our industry focus


Even as an established company one never stops learning – each client and each project requires maximum sensitivity from us; a holistic understanding of their issues, as well as a focused and passionate development of solution strategies.
In the past, we have mastered many diverse tasks using this approach and thereby gained valuable industry experience through numerous projects.
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Icon Banking


  • Over the last 15 years the OSTHAVEN team can look back on a multiplicity of projects in Banking.
  • These include conceptual activities in the areas of electronic (banking) payment systems, current bank accounts, transaction banking, online/mobile banking and corporate banking.
  • Extensive experience has been acquired in the areas of data migration, roll out/cut over and the implementation of regulatory requirements.
  • For large projects (data centre migration, migration of banking payment and core banking systems) there was deployment in sensitive and responsible project positions.
Icon Payment


  • The area of Payments comprises card payments as well as all payment methods in the offline and online world going beyond that, from issuing of debit, credit and prepaid cards up to the merchant acceptance business (acquiring), payment processing and alternative payment methods within E-Commerce.
  • OSTHAVEN has profound knowledge and longstanding experience throughout the entire value chain of payments, particularly with regard to all payment means and distribution channels.
  • This expertise is particularly profound in the areas of strategic planning and organisational development, business development, product management, compliance and regulatory, risk management and operations.
  • Responsible management at market leading companies as well as many years of work in the industry enable rapid and effective solutions.
  • Alongside the experience in Payment and eMoney Institutions the Team has international experience in all aspects of Payment.