Ralf Hesse




Ralf has a university degree in mathematics with a minor in computer science.


At an early stage, he focused on systems and IT infrastructures in payment and acquiring and held various management positions in the payment industry.


Among others, he was a consultant and project manager at Pago eTransaction Services and head of acquiring at KPS Payment, which provides services for Eventim AG.

Ralf Hesse - Manager bei OSTHAVEN

The description “small but nice” describes our consulting boutique in a short but concise style. A team of internationally experienced employees that not only enriches with above-average specialist knowledge but also fosters team spirit with equal importance is both support and incentive for me to master the challenges of everyday working life. We not only follow the constantly changing demands of the market, we also try with foresight to master developing requirements/challenges with our clients. But only those who feel comfortable are successful – and OSTHAVEN as a team hits the spot.

Dirk Brunke


Managing Partner


Dirk Brunke started his professional career as a software developer and head of a software development department with an apprenticeship as a data processing salesman and a degree in business informatics. Since 2000 he has been active in various areas of the payments industry. His focus was particularly on e-commerce and e-payment.


In 2008, Dirk Brunke joined Ingenico Payment Services (formerly easycash GmbH), the market leader for card-based payment in Germany. There he first built up the acquiring business. Later, his responsibilities expanded to include marketing, products and services, and market policy. Since 2013, he has also headed the product management of the parent company ingenico for the Europe region and supported the Marketing division..


Through his activities as a project manager and in various other management positions, Dirk has extensive experience in payment transactions in the areas of product management, compliance risk and operations. Effective management in multinational companies and his strong implementation strength complement his CV.

Dirk Brunke- Managing Partner bei OSTHAVEN 2

Knowing what it’s all about – that was the key point in our first considerations to establish a management consultancy with payment and banking experts in the market. We want to accompany changes characterized by regulation, consolidation and innovation. This is achieved through tried-and-tested and market-experienced employees who, with their methodology and professionalism, immediately generate real added value directly for our clients. In our view, this is inextricably linked to the well-being of our employees – a respectful and transparent approach is a basic requirement to deliver powerful results. This includes well-founded discussions as well as a modicum of fun. Spirit of discovery, willingness to change and a sense of responsibility are elementary building blocks of our philosophy. Making decisions and implementing them – this is what our employees and we stand for.

Tim Danker


Senior Consultant


Tim completed his dual studies at the FH Nordakademie Elmshorn and worked for Hapag-Lloyd AG during this time.


He subsequently worked as IT project manager and IT system analyst at Hapag and completed his Master of Science in Business Informatics at the Nordakademie Graduate School while working.


Before joining OSTHAVEN as Senior Consultant, he was Lead Consultant at Capgemini Germany.

Tim Danker - Senior Consultant bei OSTHAVEN 2

Like most of the employees of OSTHAVEN, I first worked in a large corporation and later in a major international consultancy. There I enjoyed a great professional training, but also got to know about rigid structures and endless decision paths. Even before my first day at OSTHAVEN I knew all employees personally and everyone knew me; who I am and what I can do. At OSTHAVEN you are not just an employee, you are part of the company, part of the team. Everyone participates in the further development of the company, the client base and the solution portfolio – and every idea is welcome.

David Kruse

David Kruse

Senior Consultant


David holds a Master in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship from the TU Berlin after completing his BSc in Psychology and a Master in International Business Administration from the University of Twente.


He worked as a product manager at orderbird AG, gaining experience in the area of ​​iPad POS cashier systems at the interface to payment as well as agile project and IT development. Before joining OSTHAVEN as a consultant, he worked as product manager at the Concardis Payment Group dealing with market and customer requirements on mobile payment and omni-channel solutions.

David Kruse - Consultant at Osthaven

Already during my studies at orderbird I came into contact in the product development area with agile development and payment. At my second station, the Concardis Payment Group, I was able to deepen this knowledge in many areas. In addition, I got to know structured work in a large corporation. Now I can bring the best of both worlds to OSTHAVEN. Already from the beginning I knew all colleagues and felt directly arrived. At OSTHAVEN I am inspired by the direct and effective communication and the knowledge to work with absolute dedicated support. Independent work is here not just a phrase.

Juan Félix Manzano Vela


Managing Partner


Having trained as a banker and studying economics (Dipl.-Kaufmann) with a focus on European corporate governance, Juan Félix Manzano Vela has worked in the financial services sector for 20 years.


After more than 5 years as a management consultant at KPMG Consulting / BearingPoint, he held positions of responsibility as well as management with payment service providers and Deutsche Börse AG. Prior to founding OSTHAVEN GmbH, he most recently served as Head of Business Development & Market Policy at Ingenico Payment Services (formerly easycash GmbH).


Juan Félix has been responsible for large and complex projects in the areas of banks, stock exchanges and payments. The background and focus of his activities include: development and implementation of corporate and marketing strategies, business development, strategic planning, M & A, organizational development and project management in the areas of financial services, electronic card payment and payment services as well as credit and debit card acceptance.


What drove us from the very beginning was our passion to accompany changes in banking and payment and to achieve value-added results for our clients with our many years of experience. We have combined entrepreneurial thinking and action with our expert knowledge of operational processes in practice. “From Strategy to Execution” is therefore not just a slogan but part of our corporate DNA.
And it is precisely our employees who have the entrepreneurial freedom to create benefits for our clients and have a high level of performance motivation in the projects, but at the same time feel responsible for the further development of OSTHAVEN. That is why our employees are at the centre of our corporate responsibility and our capital, which we make available to our customers, is in their minds.