This is how we bring you to your destination. Step by step.


As an independent and highly specialised consulting company, we are your trusted partner in questions concerning Banking and Payment and empathise with your given tasks and issues. Our value-added solutions include holistic strategies and a markedly implementation-oriented approach with hands-on mentality.

Support and assistance

We see ourselves as competent partners of our clients. In addition to consulting, immediate help and pragmatic assistance stand well to the fore. For us this means: we always have an open ear for questions regarding your projects and attach great importance to the fact that the answers to your questions are understandable. A transparent and close liason with our clients form the basis for successful cooperation.


In addition to professional advice and project management we develop new business models together with our clients and feel connected with the melding of traditional and innovative financial services. Our mindset is always to look ahead and be open to everything new, to transform entrepreneurial visions into concrete projects and reach value-creating results.


We focus strongly on a transparent definition of the project content and the implementation approach, and above all on sustainable implementation results. Focusing is repesentative of our entire way of working: precisely and with a concrete result in view we approach your, or our common project goal with clear and well-founded steps.

Implementation approach

Focus on implementation-orientation with hands-on mentality: we deliver not only inspiration and ideas and developed concepts, we implement these together with our clients – “from strategy to execution”. We will accompany you every step of the way through protracted and complex processes. In this way, we develop holistic solution approaches and support them in their implementation; well thought out right down to the last detail and in consideration of business processes and IT and system landscape.

We develop strategies and implement them consistently and target oriented.

As consultants in the Banking and Payment sector we are dealing with an exciting market. This is however subject to particularly dynamic and constant changes; the ongoing digitisation and strong market regulation requires therefore

an ability to deal with sensitive issues and sound know-how when it comes to implementation. As a specialist in Banking and Payment OSTHAVEN combines both to meet any challenges you may be facing.

The Cornerstones of a Working Partnership.


Whether in dialogue with our clients but also with our partners or colleagues: we see open and transparent communication as a prerequisite for constructive cooperation. In close consultation with you, our team can thus identify structured solutions for your issue and keep you abreast of every step of the process.

Strategic cooperation

As we we do not presume to take care of all facets of tasks and project content ourselves with only our team, we enter into such collaborative cooperations and partnerships with entities that will expand our service portfolio complementarily. We aim to cover related areas of our fields of competence by strategic partners, who are also specialists in their fields. The partnerships are given in the areas of an interdisciplinary, communications and creative marketing agency, in the environment of “expert allocation” and in the area of supporting the transformation of entities. In this way we are able, with our team, and in cooperation with our competent partner, to implement entrepreneurial visions, which include all relevant points from a client’s perspective.


Over the last decades the marketing of enterprises has changed considerably. The consistent orientation towards desires and needs of clients leads to adjustments of business models and corporate structures. The systematic conversion from product marketing to image marketing was thereby a decisive factor. Our team gives high priority to customer focus and thus to a market-oriented approach of communication and sales activities.