About us


• OSTHAVEN is an owner-managed, highly specialised advisory boutique in payment and banking, established in 2014 with locations in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.


• Directors and employees have been working successfully for a long time in responsible positions in line and project organisations of the relevant industry and exhibit distinctive entrepreneurial trading.


• The cooperation is characterised by an absence of rigid role interpretations; thus managers are always also active in projects and employees also responsible for business development.


• The name OSTHAVEN describes, on the one hand, the origin of the company, and on the other, it stands for the orientation and direction of our clients towards defined goals and a safe haven.

Who we are

Our company started in 2014 in Frankfurt on Main (Germany) near the East Harbour – named OSTHAFEN in German – when, based on personal relations, longstanding professional experience and a whole lot of passion and enthusiasm, our business model of a highly specialised and execution-driven consultancy company was formed. Above all, our customers and network partners value our many years of experience and deep market knowledge in the fields of classic electronic and digital payments in the online and offline world, as well as in the area of ​​mobile and online banking and FinTech solutions in current accounts and bank payment transactions.


Since the founding of the company we have grown significantly and we have been able to gain many consultants for our team with a wide range of professional experience in our areas of competence. Thus, we took a major step to advise and support you with regards to the challenges of market regulation as well as digital business transformation.

The OSTHAVEN team consists of employees who understand their subject. Because we attach importance to the fact that our staff has been thoroughly trained and has already gained an abundance of professional experience within the relevant market areas. Each of them can look back on responsible tasks and positions with their former employers – and with this expertise and knowledge is able to support you in the best possible way. With us, no staff member is trained at the client’s expense. Our dedicated team is therefore not made up of graduates, but consultants who have been active in their profession for a minimum of 5 years.


High interest and identification with the challenges, passion and “out-of-the-box thinking” are our prerequisites for the development and implementation of successful strategies. In the interest of our clients we act autonomously, we think entrepreneurially, and we work in partnership.


  • We see ourselves as partners to our clients on the way to a safe and successful future.
  • Focus on implementation with “hands-on” mentality; we provide not only inspiration and ideas and develop concepts; we implement this together with our clients “from strategy to execution”.
  • Strong focussing on a transparent definition of the content of a project, as well as the implementation approach and above all on the implementation results.
  • In addition to consulting and project management we develop new business models with our customers and feel allied to the convergence of traditional and innovative financial services.

Our values

In this age of digital transformation, those dealing at the top of companies are facing a considerable challenge: how can being competitive in the short term and creating a sustainable added value at the same time be achieved in this time of dynamic change?


OSTHAVEN accompanies, as a highly specialised consultancy firm in banking and payment, the sophisticated management of financial service providers – with strong focus and consistent implementation mentality.


That we have successfully practised this for many years, we attribute it to our six performance principles.

1. Short decision paths

A communication without diversions and with the close collaboration between partners and colleagues allows us to respond to changes and make decisions quickly.

2. Close alignment

We communicate directly and work hand-in-hand. This applies on the one hand to the work with our clients and on the other hand to the coordination with our partners and team members.

3. On an equal basis with our clients

We see ourselves not only as your professional consultant – but also as a strategic partner who will accompany you, step by step, during the solution and development process.

4. High degree of self responsibility

Teamwork is important! However, we also attach great importance to the personal responsibility of our individual members of staff during the consulting activities.

5. In-depth knowledge

Our Team’s market knowledge and rich experience has been acquired from our training and industry experience, and continually optimised over the years. The ongoing market observation as well as the advanced training and further education of our employess are a cornerstone of our quality management.

6. Inventiveness and creativity

The basic requirements for developing new and fruit-bearing concepts to meet your demands are entrepreneurial and visionary thinking by OSTHAVEN. Inventiveness and creativity during the structured problem solution represent major aspects of our achievement principles.