How EPI (despite all scepticism) could become a success after all

The European Payments Initiative has only just started – and yet there is already a “EPI is doomed to fail” mood in the market. The scepticism is certainly understandable. After all, the plan for a European payment system raises countless questions. For example: Why does the customer need another payment procedure? Or: What motivation should PSPs and merchants have to work towards the success of EPI?

Nevertheless, instead of adding another swan song to the many, I would rather ask today: What would have to happen to make the European Payments Initiative (or more precisely: “EPI 2.0”) a success after all? To this end, I first shed light on the perspectives of the parties involved (politicians, European banks, German banks, PSPs, merchants, customers) – in order to formulate a series of suggestions for the future of EPI at the end.

Read my suggestions at our partners of finanz-szene (only in German)